Experian QAS



Founded in 1990, British company QAS has achieved remarkable success, growing to be a world leader in address management and data accuracy solutions. Gazing began working with them in 2004, to helping them to maintain their rapid growth. A complex and diverse UK sales operation, QAS’s biggest customer spends £2m p.a, and their smallest just £200. They required a consistent approach and a common language, that could accommodate that diversity and a platform that was scaleable to accommodate continued growth.

What we did

We devised a scaleable programme using our map and tools-based approach that is now part of QAS’s DNA. We helped QAS to embed the Gazing methodology into their CRM system, which form the lifeblood of the sales organisation. The programme allowed QAS to apply the same consistent approach across sales management, marketing, and strategy development, using the Gazing maps to help people understand what was expected of them. The maps are showcased widely around the building – on the walls, on mouse-mats and on people’s desks.


Despite tough trading conditions, QAS saw sales rise by 20 precent. While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how much Gazing has contributed to that increase, Managing Director Stuart Johnston believes that our programmes have had a significant impact on QAS’s performance, leading him to extend our contract.

When asked why our methods have become so integral to the way QAS does business, Stuart has this to say: “I’ll give you an analogy. You don’t get fit by going to the gym once. But, in effect, that’s what conventional training companies promise you. With Gazing, it’s not about one particular session; it’s about adopting a methodology over time – the delivery, the follow-up, and then continually going back and testing that’s it working as well.”